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Most people dont think much of Hong Kong diving. I believe you can find something interesting anywhere. And if you know the sites and animals there is very exciting diving to be had. 

Scuba diving around Hong Kong’s 260 islands is a fabulous leisure activity to balance out the life in the busy city. It is some of the world’s best city diving and most of the 50 dive sites are easily accessible via speed boats, dive boats and even from the shore. Hong Kong mainly offers macro and coral diving but it is possible to dive wrecks even some caves.

I have written several articles about it and have surprised many a divers when they actually give Hong Kong diving a chance.

Fun diving

There are many dive spots in Hong Kong, particularly in the East of Hong Kong. The variety of fish and coral is quite unique.  Hong Hong has almost 100 species of coral, over 500 species of fish and over 400 species of nudibranch.  Most of our fauna is quite small, so it takes a local guide to find them. Did you know we have blue-ringed octopus, frogfish, cuttlefish, hundreds of nudibranchs and even rhinopia and ghost pipefish?

Sail & Dive Liveaboard

As to date still the only provider of a true liveaboard experience I host 2 and 3 day expeditions around the far flung dive sites of Hong Kong. This is an unrivalled experience to take you away from the bustling city and diving remote and beautiful dive sites and eat deluxe home cooked meals​ under the bright stars of unpolluted skies.

We use a prime sailboat charter for this operation, one of the few that has a fully fledged compressor on board. The boat sleeps up to 6 guests and in two days we can do up to 8 dives. 

On a sailing charter with me you can expect (conditions allowing)

- reef diving

- offshore diving

- night diving and blackwater diving

- cave diving

- wreck diving 

Private charter

Contact me if you want to organize private charters. I can provide private tours on speed boats, larger dive charters, sail boats, yachts and even from shore. 


PADI courses

As a PADI OWSI Instructor I can provide courses via a local dive shop. Some of the courses require pool work and big boat support so these courses are not conducted from my boat (except advanced open water).


I can provide

- Photography training (min. 1 day)

- Discover Scuba Diving (1-2 days)

- Open Water Course (3-4 days)

- Advanced Open Water course (2 days)

- Rescue Course (2 days)

- Dive Master training (8 weeks)

- Nitrox certification

As Emergnecy First Response instructor I can also conduct EFR / first Aid training.


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