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Water, nature, animals. Any activity around water is good for me. Weightlessness is a powerful feeling. Under the surface animals let us approach much closer than above the water. I try to capture what I see, and bring the beauty of it to the surface. Several dive and lifestyle magazines have published my work, some with a cover shot by me.

A tour guide by nature, I started Insider Divers to offer guided scuba diving group trips. My aim is to add unusual dives to our trips, and add interesting meetings with meet local experts, famous photographers or other interesting individuals. Aside from taking care of everything on the trip I will help you with your diving and photography development, some trips are photography workshop trips. Message me for details or check my travel facebook for latest trips. As PADI instructor I am able to add training elements to the trip if needed, help you enter the sport of diving or expand your diving or photography capabilities.

Pool photography is a great way to create different kind of photos for your personal memories or to celebrate the beauty of yourself at this present day. With Pool Portrait I offer this for anyone interested in pool modelling photography.

My articles have appeared in magazines such as Action Asia, ScubaDiver AustralAsia, ScubaDiver and Sport Diver USA, EZDive, Plongeurs, DIVE UK, Dive Pacific, Divelog, and several more. My first cover shot was published January 2017 in Action Asia. 

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