Photography is a hobby with lifelong development possibilities. Learning from senior photographers is the fastest and most efficient way to learn. Simon Lorenz is an award winning photographer who specializes in group trips and photo coaching. On all of his Insider Divers trips he coaches groups and individuals to improve their photography. With Insider Academy the training continues via webinars and YouTube. In addition he offers 1-on-1 coaching via video calls.

 Group travel coaching 

Underwater photography is my passion, and one of the main reasons I dive. During our Insider Divers trips we can work on your photography skills every day. On our trips I give detailed briefings on how to approach specific environments or subjects. Even if its your first time with a camera, I guarantee great results. My coaching is above and below the waterline where I give hands-on assistance underwater.

While most trips are for photographers and non-photographers alike, some trips are fully focussed photography workshops, where we do daily training sessions on photography and digital editing, and set specific tasks to accomplish underwater. 

        Simon Lorenz

 Private Coaching 

Book in for individual coaching which I offer in person or via Zoom. We can work on your set up, your photos, help you with the lightroom/photoshop workflow, discuss your portfolio or prepare you for a competition. Anything that you would like to work on in photography, I can help you.

  • Lightroom / Photoshop Walkthroughs

  • Underwater photography 1-on-1 training

  • Discussion of your equipment needs and set up of gear

  • Portfolio discussion

  • Competition preparation

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 Insider Academy
 a photographer is born 

 Stuart, UK 


  Andrea, Italy  

I had 2 private sessions with Simon and they helped me a lot. He could see what I could not and sensibilise my eyes to the details. I could also learn how to fine tune my post processing. I definitely recommend his services. 

tom halleran.jpg

  Tom, USA  

I have taken two lessons with Simon via Zoom. He’s a natural teacher and his constructive feedback will help you bring your photography to the next level. Simon is a passionate and highly qualified instructor.


  Daria, UK 

I've been trying to take photos while diving for the last few years. It's not easy and I've read quite a bit about it in books and on the web. However, after my experience with Simon I believe nothing can improve your photography more than constructive feedback from the professional underwater photographer.